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uFATC5 Software Update (Fiat)

uFATC5 Software Update (Fiat)

Available via our USA distributor

This software currently covers the following vehicles:

  • Fiat 500
  • Fiat 500L
  • RAM Promaster
  • RAM Promaster City
  • Jeep Renegade (Bladed)


This software module instantly retrieves the pincode and configuration data for the vehicle, all by OBD – no need to dismantle/read any MCU/EEPROM manually. It then allows you to save this key configuration data in the form of a special ‘skeleton file’ (*see below) in order to create a pre-coded ‘dealer’ key/remote control. This pre-coded key/remote can then be easily programmed into the vehicle by OBD, avoiding a lengthy and inconvenient wait for an OEM key.


*Skeleton file is a manipulated .bin file, a ‘fake’ EEPROM file that contains the relevant info from the car that you are working on. This file can be loaded into any of the leading transponder production devices, and will be recognised as a Fiat Punto 93c86 file. With your transponder production device, you can then choose to create an ID46w or to create a pre-coded key/remote key, or a Keyline RK60. This is especially useful if the alarm is set and keys are lost, since forming an RK60 will allow you to deactivate the alarm without having to replace the BCM (which can be the case when the alarm is set on certain models).