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FTC1 Software Update - NO VAT

  • £195.00

For EU customers with a valid EU VAT equivalent registration, or customers outside EU.


This product requires either: TrueCode Smart or TrueCode


The coverage of this software is:

C-Max (2003-2010)
Cougar (1998-2002)
Fiesta (1998-2002)   /   Fiesta (2002-2008)
Focus (1998-2004)   /   Focus (2004-2011) non-prox
Fusion (2002-2011)
KA (1998-2000)   /   KA (2000-2008)
Mondeo (1998-2007)
Puma (1997-2001)
Transit (2000-2006)
Transit Connect (2002-2007)  /  Transit Connect (2007-2013)

All have incode/outcode security bypass enabled. No need for internet access - this software does all the calculations for you, seamlessly in the background. Updated to provide completely accurate incode/outcode calculation.

Additionally, there is a free stand-alone calculator for matching other electronic modules into Ford vehicles included with this module.

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