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CVEE1 EEPROM Software (Commercial Vehicles)

CVEE1 EEPROM Software (Commercial Vehicles)

  • £195.00

This product requires either: TrueCode Smart or TrueCode


A software module that will allow the user to read and write the full EEPROM memory file from the body control module, by OBD, in just about one minute.


Vehicles covered:

Citroen Relay (2006 to 2011)

Fiat Ducato (2006 to 2011)

Peugeot Boxer (2006 to 2011)


This means you no longer have to remove the body control module, desolder and manually read the EEPROM..

Once read, the file can be saved and loaded into your transponder making device of choice. The modified file that is created by that device can then be loaded into the body control module, again by OBD, allowing the new key to directly operate without further programming.

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