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About TrueCode

TrueCode SmartThe TrueCode Smart programming system is the latest tool from the KeyProgrammers family. Just as the original TrueCode does, it offers a reliable solution to many of your auto locksmithing needs.

TrueCode customers can upgrade to the Smart system for £195 +VAT. On receipt of their original cable and all previously bought software modules which we will activate on their new Smart interface.

To get started with TrueCode:

  1. Order our TrueCode Smart programming system
  2. Choose which manufacturer modules you need to suit your needs
  3. Check to see if you need an Adapter cable for the manufacturers you wish to support

As you would expect from us: we still don’t charge for our UK based support; we still don’t charge you an annual fee to use your software; and we still don’t charge you ‘tokens’.

With TrueCode Smart, you only need to buy the software you want to. The initial system (inc. diagnostic cable) is £345 + VAT, you then choose which vehicle software modules you want to add. If at a later date you want to add to it, the price of the modules is the same. Just buy what you need - when you need it. 

For customers wanting to buy several software modules at once, we have several package deals available, or if there’s something you don’t see - get in touch.